LC2 - Organizational Leadership and Team Goal Setting Course
Learn How to Take Your Team to the Next Level!!

The Organizational Leadership and Team Goal Setting short course from Excel Sales Consulting helps leaders to create their own system to organize and prioritize tasks so they can coach their team to be productive and efficient. This course also covers goal setting and tips to accomplish both long- and short- term goals.

Goals are the dream and organization is the roadmap

Course Description:
Setting goals is integral to being productive. If you don't have a direction to go, chances are you will get stagnant. In this course, leaders will set goals, learn how to overcome challenges with creating team goals and get tips on how to be even more efficient.

Course Duration:
The course consists of 2 modules, each training module takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete

Who Should Attend:
Owners, Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Operations Managers

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn how to set clear action items
  • Get more done and be more productive
  • The importance of setting strategic, well-defined company goals
  • The reasons you may be avoiding collaborative team meetings and how to get past them
  • Working with the SMART goal system
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