ALR1 - Online C2B Surveys
Do you let your customers walk out the door without having a way to capture positive or negative feedback?

If so, you are missing out on a great opportunity!
Nowadays you need to have a presence on review websites. By asking for and obtaining positive feedback you can make sure that feedback is being captured in all the right places.
On the other hand, how often do you think customers have left dissatisfied with their experience and you have never heard from (or seen) them again? If you have a platform to capture negative feedback, you also have an opportunity to make it right and gain thier loyalty.

How are you capturing your customer's feedback?

Program Description:

Working with an ASK LISTEN RETAIN specialist you will go over the built-in survey questions to make adjustments based on your business goals. These questions will be accessible to your customers online or using a mobile device and marketing materials will be provided. Once the surveys start to come in, you will have access to the results 24/7. If a respondent is positive, the system will automatically ask them if they want to post to social media which will increase your positive reviews. If the respondent is negative, you will be alerted and will have opportunity to reach out to the respondent. The system will also generate a number of reports with drilldown capabilities so you can monitor trends and deal with challenges before they esculate.

Program Outcomes:
  • Built-in survey that integrates with most software seamlessly
  • FREE support
  • Survey will have your customized logo and a customized URL
  • Unlimited survey responses with no extra charge
  • We support English, French and Spanish
  • Get the survey results in real-time
  • Get notification of unhappy customers in order to deal with the concern and for staff training
  • Get notification of happy customers for social media and for staff motivation

"It takes humility to seek feedback. It takes wisdom to understand it, analyze it and appropriately act on it" ~Stephen Covey

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