IC1 - Positive Mindset, Teamwork, Organizational Skills Course
These Two Skills Can Make All the Difference in the World!

The Positive Mindset, Teamwork and Organizational Skills short course from Excel Sales Consulting gives the entire team practical tools to be more positive and organized. By working on these two skills, team members can develop better relationships, feel more confident in their work environment and make more sales.

What habits can you develop to find success at work?

Course Description:
This extremely unique short course combines interviews with real business owners and realistic work place scenarios to show team members the difference that being positive and organized can make to business profits and work culture. It takes participants through actual workplace scenarios to show how a positive attitude can make a situation feel more manageable and can influence others. In the organizational skills module, the participant is given proven tactics to increase efficiency and productivity.

Course Duration:
The course consists of 2 modules, each training module takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete

Who Should Attend:
All inside sales personnel, owners, store managers, operations managers, human resources managers

Learning Outcomes:
  • Reasons why a positive attitude caan make the difference at work and in life
  • Practical tips to maintain a daily positive attitude
  • Development of employer and co-workerr relationships
  • How to plan, prioritize and manage tasks

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