IC4 - Identifying Customer's Needs & Rapport Building Course
Sales is NOT About Forcing a Customer to Buy the Highest Price Product

The Identifying Your Customer's Needs and Customer Rapport Building short course from Excel Sales Consulting takes you through the art of asking questions to meet your customer's needs. With practical scenarios, interviews with actual business owners and a breakdown of the right and wrong way to build rapport, this course will take your customer service to the next level.

Asking questions is creating confidence for your buyer.

Course Description:
In order to offer your client's the best options for their project, it is important to ask questions. This course will give participants the confidence to ask the necessary questions to get the proper parts quoted for the customer's project. This course includes best practices for asking questions, building rapport and active listening.

Course Duration:
The course consists of 1 module, taking approximately 30-40 minutes to complete

Who Should Attend:
All Inside Sales Personnel, Owners, Store Managers, Operation Managers, Human Resource Managers

Learning Outcomes:
    • Asking questions to get the proper parts quoted
    • Active listening
    • Building rapport

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