ALR2 - Business to Business Telephone Interviews
The Top 20% of Your Business Accounts Have Something to Tell You!

Using the ASK LISTEN RETAIN method to survey your business accounts will generate feedback that can help you generate new business, retain loyalty from your top customers and train your team to new levels of customer service success.

Do you currently have a platform for your top accounts to speak to you?

Program Description:

With this program an ASK LISTEN RETAIN specialist will call your business accounts to ask specific, targeted questions that can be managed based on cost and/or key performance indicators. The output is valuable information about customer service levels, product knowledge, technology challenges and more. This information is logged for easy access and readability. Our ASK LISTEN RETAIN program uses emotional word mining to notify leadership about positive and/or negative interviews. It will also log situations that require follow up and provide accountability to ensure the customer is satisfied.

Program Outcomes:
  • Provides an open dialogue between your business and your top customers
  • Ensures your top customers feel appreciated
  • A quick and informative way to caputure customer input
  • Validate the satisfaction of your customers
  • Easily identify product concerns
  • Clarify service improvements
  • Confirm sales preferences

"Just having satisfied customers isn't good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans" ~Ken Blanchard

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