IC2 - Relationship Selling Skills and Phone Etiquette Course
Phone Skills for Customer Service Excellence

The Relationship Selling Skills and Phone Etiquette short course from Excel Sales Consulting focuses on giving amazing customer service over the phone. This often overlooked but invaluable component of relationship building is explained using a unique combination of interviews with actual business owners and realistic scenarios within a busy shop.

How many sales have been lost due to poor customer service over the phone?

Course Description:
Does your team use a consistent, professional greeting when they answer every phone call? How does your team handle answering the phone when they have multiple customers in front of them? Is there a template for handling difficult callers? This course covers all these questions because while it may sound simple to answer the phone, doing so in a professional manner will help you gain sales and retain customers. This course gives team members the confidence to handle different phone scenarios that come up in a busy environment.

Course Duration:
The course consists of 1 module, taking approximately 30-40 minutes to complete

Who Should Attend:
All Inside Sales Personnel, Owners, Store Managers, Operation Managers, Human Resources Managers

Learning Outcomes:
  • Consistently deliver professional phone skills and techniques
  • Deal with difficult customers and solve complaints
  • Core components of a professional phone greeting
  • Successful phone techniques in a busy environment
  • Multi-tasking tips
  • The importance of a customer first attitude

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